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Harry Anderson (October 14, 1952-)
Harry Anderson (October 14, 1952-)Harry Anderson who is best known as the star of the hit television sitcoms "Night Court" and "Dave's World" originally earned a living as a comedian. The unique character he created for his shows was "Harry The Hat" who was a trickster, swindler and con man. He has also done much research on the subject of the "con" and is considered an expert on swindles and con games. His passions in the field are perhaps the "Three Card Monte" and the "Three Shell Game."
Games You Can't Lose Games You Can't Lose
"A Guide For Suckers" is full of games and swindles that can be used to rip people off.

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Hello, Sucker (1985) Hello, Sucker (1985)
Harry Anderson's first television special where he performed most of his comedy show and some scams as Harry The Hat.

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Off-Subject DVDs
Night Court - The Complete First Season (1984) Night Court - The Complete First Season (1984)
A DVD set that features the entire first season of the long running television series.

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The Science Of Magic (1998) The Science Of Magic (1998)
Harry Anderson hosted this television special about magic.

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It (1990) It (1990)
Harry Anderson was one of the stars of this thriller by Stephen King.

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