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2012 News Archives
Professor CappedProfessor Capped
A Southeast Missourian article reported that a college professor was accused of, "…cheating at a blackjack table just before he was arrested for ‘capping’ his bets. Capping is gambling lingo for adding to a bet after the cards are dealt. Arpin was arrested after casino employees told police that they saw -- and recorded -- him in the act." To read the December 18 article by Scott Moyers titled "Professor arrested for cheating at Cape casino" click: HERE. (12/2012)
10 Indicted Of Cheating Casino In Ohio10 Indicted Of Cheating Casino In Ohio
The Columbus Dispatch reported that, "Ten central Ohio residents were indicted yesterday on 59 counts of cheating at table games between Oct. 15 and Nov. 8 at the newly opened casino on the West Side. Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien and Karen J. Huey, head of enforcement for the Ohio Casino Control Commission, said the fifth-degree felony charges were mostly for cheating on bets, known as 'capping' and 'pinching.'" To read the November 29 article by Alan Johnson titled "Cameras trained on casino cheaters" click: HERE. (11/2012)
Tran Gang SummaryTran Gang Summary
A Forbes article looks at the Tran Organization and how they cheated many casinos out of around seven million dollars. The article reported that, "As the slug came into play, a sophisticated software program spotted the memorized patterns and relayed the order of the unshuffled cards to the spotter, who then signaled one of the conspiracy’s bettors. At this point, the scam took on the trappings of the pitcher-catcher battery in baseball: One finger on a cigarette, might mean bet; two fingers might mean stand pat.  By betting on the known order of cards in the slug, the conspiracy was able to win thousands of dollars during blackjack and mini-baccarat games." To read the October 1 article by Bill Singer titled "Computerized Casino Card Cheats Go Bust In FBI Slug-fest" click: HERE. (10/2012)
Teaching Agents To CheatTeaching Agents To Cheat
The Columbus Dispatch reported that, "Jim Edwards teaches people how to cheat. He knows how to pinch or cap a bet, mark cards, distract the dealer, slide the dice and turn a $1 bill into $100. But the retired Las Vegas gambling agent is using his power for good instead of evil. This week, Edwards has brought his 33 years of experience to Columbus to teach 12 Ohio Casino Control Commission agents how to cheat so they can catch cheaters. 'There’s no such thing as a perfect move,' Edwards said. 'But there's a perfect time to make a move.'" To read the September 19 article by Alan Johnson titled "Agents learn casino cheaters' tricks" click: HERE. (09/2012)
Shaved Tokens ConfiscatedShaved Tokens Confiscated
The Michigan State Police Gaming Section reported that they apprehended two men with 800 shaved casino tokens to be used in 30 different casinos. The explained that, "'Shaving’ is to cut or grind the outside of edge of a slot token to reduce the diameter of said slot token for the purpose of defrauding an electronic slot machine. Specifically, the reduced sized slot token when deposited into the slot machine for play would be recognized by the slot machine’s optic mechanism as a valid credit, however, the slot machine’s coin comparitor mechanism would physically reject the slot token; thus affording the slot cheat an opportunity to continue to repeatedly deposit the same slot token(s) into the slot machine for the purpose of accumulating illegal slot credits for play." To read the July 23 report titled "Casino 'Token Shaver' Slot Cheats Arrested" click: HERE. (07/2012)
Professorial Edges In RouletteProfessorial Edges In Roulette
A Gizmodo article describes how Doyne Farmer used a computer to cheat a casino in the 1970s. The article reported that, "The reason he's come clean? Two other researchers--Michael Small and Michael Tse--have recently published research just like his from the 70s. …Farmer, however, is going to publish his own research, which used calculations based on air resistance rather than Small and Tse's model which uses rim friction." To read the May 10 article by Jamie Condliffe titled "How an Oxford Professor Turned Roulette Odds in His Favor" click: HERE. (05/2012)
Avoid Online Poker CheatsAvoid Online Poker Cheats
A Yahoo article discussed various ways to minimize being cheated in online poker. The article reported that, "You could easily play poker online for years and never run into any poker cheaters, but you should always be on the lookout for them." You are told to look out for: Player Collusion, All-In Disconnect, and Active Cheaters. To read the May 8 article by Diane Dilov-Schultheis titled "Tips to Avoid Cheaters in Online Poker Rooms" click: HERE. (05/2012)
Looking For ScammersLooking For Scammers
The Plain Dealer reported that "The Ohio Casino Control Commission has assigned 13 agents full time to the Horseshoe, which is to open May 14 on Public Square. …George Joseph, a veteran Las Vegas-based casino security consultant, says the first criminals to surface will likely include drug dealers and others seeking to launder money at busy slot machines and gaming tables. He also predicted that professional gambling scam artists from around the country will add Cleveland to their circuit." To read the April 15 article by Thomas Ott titled "Casino detectives will be on the lookout for con artists, scammers and other criminals" click: HERE. (04/2012)
Roulettes Targeted Again?Roulettes Targeted Again?
A article reported that, "Three people -- one of them a SkyCity employee -- have been charged with attempting to cheat a casino of more than $7000." The scam ran by roulette croupier at Hamilton SkyCity Casino who spun her roulette wheel early -- or slowly -- to allow her two associates to place last-minute bets as the roulette ball came to a stop. The article also describes other interesting casino scams that took place recently. To read the April 20 article by Rob Kidd titled "Casino roulette scam: Trio charged" click: HERE. (04/2012)
Cheating Vegas SeriesCheating Vegas Series
On May 28 a new television network launches and one of the shows scheduled to debut on July 14 is "Cheating Las Vegas" which is described as, "…takes 'get rich quick' to an extreme as viewers peek inside some of the most fascinating and elaborate scams of modern casino gaming. Experienced cheaters will use anything to push the odds into their favor. From counting cards and marking decks to computer hacking and malicious spyware, nothing is out of their realm or capability to ensure a win." To read the April 4 press release titled "Planet Green Becomes Destination America…" click: HERE. (04/2012)
Roulette Scammers Plead GuiltyRoulette Scammers Plead Guilty
According to an Associated Press story "A former dealer at a Lake Charles casino has pleaded guilty to conspiring to rig roulette games. … Prosecutors say the scheme cost the casino more than $1 million." To read the March 24 article titled "Ex-casino dealer pleads guilty in Louisiana cheating plot" click HERE. (03/2012)

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